Welcome To The Gold Coast Connected Market

Opening Tuesday 22nd September 2020

We are excited to bring to you a farmer’s market during the week – Why wait till the weekend for your fresh produce.
Located at beautiful Albert Park on 33 Fremar Street, Broadbeach Waters at the Surfers Paradise Rugby Union Clubhouse and Carpark.
Surrounded by the beautiful Albert Park which has dog walking trails, a lake, children’s playground, basketball courts and BBQS.
Held weekly – Tuesday – from 7am to 12noon

 – Live entertainment 9am to 12noon
 – Active and Healthy Activities 10am to 12noon
 – Picnic Mats to use to sit and relax on

Our markets about connections – health – fun – well being enjoying this wonderful park space.
Connecting our primary producers to the home plate. Connecting our community through healthy and creative activities. Connecting to the beautiful green space where the market is located. Connecting to local small business owners who sell items for the home, children, entertainment. Connecting local artists and entertainers who will share their skills and talents to a wider community.

This is a fabulous mixed market space to bring people together of all ages – to connect and be happy.

gold coast connected markets entertainment


Albert Park 33 Fremar Street, Broadbeach Waters
Surfers Paradise Rugby Union Clubhouse and Carpark

Free entry and free parking is available along Fremar Drive and surrounds.

COVID 19 Regulations

The market is a Covid Safe under 500 events.

Covid 19
Please do the right thing and do not attend … If, in the past fourteen (14) days:

  • You have been overseas;
  • You have been in contact with a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19;
  • You have been in a COVID-19 hotspot;
  • You have had COVID-19;
  • You have had symptoms consistent with COVID-19,

You will be unable to enter the Event Precinct.

If you have symptoms conducive with COVID-19 (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat or headache), we request that you do not enter the Event Precinct.

If you present with symptoms upon entry to the Event (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath) you will not be able to enter the Precinct, but will be taken to a discrete isolation area for further investigation.


Social distancing measures of 1.5 metres between people/household groups must be maintained at all times.  Hand sanitisation stations and hand washing stations will be available within the Event Precinct and will be identified by signage around the Precinct. Patrons are encouraged to ensure that they regularly wash and/or sanitise their hands during their visit to the Precinct.

Aggression and abuse of our staff and other attendees will not be tolerated. Anyone presenting signs of aggression or becoming abusive will be removed from the Precinct.

Regular Event announcements will be conducted over the PA system to remind all attendees at the event to ensure hygiene considerations are observed. Social Distancing Ambassadors will be employed specifically to monitor and encourage social distancing in all walkways, on exhibitor sites and in high traffic areas.

In the event that people find themselves in a queued situation at the entry point to the event venue, we ask that you practice physical distancing in your household groups of no less than 1.5 metres.